About this website

This website is the brainchild of me (Howard Hill). In general, it’s all about my family in Wantage and further afield, but the blog contains my own personal ramblings.┬áThe three parts are as follows…

  1. Photos. Highlights of the photographs I’ve taken over the years, arranged into albums. I’m adding a paragraph on each album as I get time. This section also includes some old family photos, taken before I was born
  2. Blog. I started this during 2021, but I have also written and added a few blog posts from before 202, and presented them as if I’d written them years ago. I did this as I can present the photos in a more attractive galleries. Not sure if I’ll have the time to continue this; we’ll see.
  3. Christmas. The digital Christmas letters Annie and I wrote on our computers, starting from December 2003.

About the Hill Tribe

The Hilltribe in Wantage August 2017

The Hilltribe in Wantage August 2017

The Hill Tribe is the name I use online to refer to my family. My family, although expanding all the time, hail from the North East of England. Northumberland and Tyneside; my family roots are very important to me. The family contains plenty of Scottish genes too, as Jamie, Vicki, Gordon and Robert’s Mum was Scottish.

The family is headed up by my lovely and amazing wife Annie and myself and it grows in size, strength, wisdom and love, year by year. I am incredibly proud of my roots and my family.

About me

I am a full-time family man and a part-time musician and photographer. As a 21 year old, I graduated with a Batchelor of Science honours degree in Applied Biology, then moved to computing, and then set up my own IT business creating websites. I retired in 2021 and that happened the moment I switched off my business email address on 7th April 2021. After a lifetime of working far too hard that was a tangible moment of release and relief.

Retirement has given me more time to spend with my family, my music and my photography. Being a family man, my roles as husband, Dad and Grandad are the very best things in my life. I’d give up my hobbies if I had to, but never my family. In the words of me lovely Mam “life is good”.

I am an active Christian and enjoy being part of Wantage Community Church. I have been involved in room setup and sound engineering for Sunday services, run the Alpha Course, Marriage Course and Marriage Preparation Course, started and ran our church’s website, been a Street Pastor and even preached a few times. These days I stick to playing in the Worship Band, which I really love doing.

My greatest achievement is bringing up my four adorable children, Jamie, Victoria, Gordon and Robert. For years they were the reason I got up in the morning, went to work, and battled on each day to keep my family together amidst my first wife’s (dear Lesley) chronic illness that threatened our very survival as a family. Sadly Lesley didn’t make it, but somehow we not only survived, but have thrived. My children are still my everything, my heartbeat, and I’m so proud of each one of them.