AJ’s wedding band April 2021

Annie and I went to a band rehearsal for AJ and George’s wedding!

Anna Jane and her fiance George Hoolhouse will be married in June 2021. Very sensibly, they’re arranging the day of celebration to fall within a budget they can afford. Spot on. It’s a really dumb idea to start married life in debt.

The photographer will be AJ’s friend Oli. He’s a really good photographer, specialising in birds (lol) and he was once AJ’s boyfriend (more lols). However, he’s an really nice chap – we like him a lot – so that gets the thumbs up from us. Oli’s assistant will be yours truly. My job will be to keep out of the way and to video the ceremony. I particularly want to do this so that Rob and Summer can see it – they cannot attend the wedding in person as baby Hill is due at around the same time.

Passing Signs with guest bass player

Turning Signs

The evening’s entertainment will be provided by a family band; Dave Perry, Kim Bradley and Howard Hill (yes, me). Back in April Annie and I took a trip to Kim’s place in the lovely village of Milton Under Wychwood (great name for a village) and Dave, Kim and I played music. As Dave and Kim form an acoustic duo called Turning Signs, we’re using their repertoire. The day went very well and we enjoyed playing together and each others company. More rehearsals needed and I look forward to that very much. The band sounds great with Dave on accordion and vocal, Kim on guitar, vocals and occasional kazoo, and me on bass.