Besselsleigh Woods April 2021

I wanted to see some more bluebells before the season was over, so Annie and I headed off for Appleton and walked to Besselsleigh Wood (just off the A420). I had a tough time of it. Carrying my camera, stool, backpack and walkie takies, I managed to drop stuff, make myself really dizzy and start to feel quite sick. In fact that feeling lasted all day. Feeling poorly had an effect my normally cheerful mood and I started thinking about my real illness (the tumour) and began to feel really down. I was reduced to tears at one point, saying to Annie “I’m broken”.

I got a few shots in, but nothing much. I also chatted to a couple of guys I met along the way about bluebells as I can never resist a chat, however I’m feeling. They told me of the horrors of Spanish bluebells and I told them the where in the wood they could find wood anemone.