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Besselsleigh Woods April 2021

I wanted to see some more bluebells before the season was over, so Annie and I headed off for Appleton and walked to Besselsleigh Wood (just off the A420). I had a tough time of it. Carrying my camera, stool, backpack and walkie takies, I managed to drop stuff,...

Besselsleigh Woods
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Tumour Rumour April 2021

Today was a big day. Annie and I went to see consultant neurologist Miss Stana Bojanic to discuss my brain scan results. The good news is that tumour is not malignant, but rather a slow-growing meningioma. She showed us the scans, what different bits showed and the...

Badley Wood
Howard and AnnieWalks

Scutchamer Knob April 2021

Annie and I drove to the car park on the Ridgeway just above West Ilsley, and we walked to Scutchamer Knob and back. Although it sounds like a gentleman’s affliction, our destination was an early Iron Age barrow. It is a semi-circular bank but originally it was...

A red kite flies across The Ridgeway
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Passing on the baton April 2021

I took the plunge today. I stopped receiving email sent to my work email address. The reason is that I have sold First Ideas Limited to my wonderful son Gordon Hill. Over the past 9 months he and I have been sorting ourselves out, passing things over and so on....

Howard and Annie in the garden
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Loud Sound March 2021

Saturday morning – Annie kindly drove me to the JR but this time came in with me. We were there for nearly 9 hours (similar to yesterday) but it was worth the effort. Once more I was examined and tested, had a cannula fitted, and this time an MRI scan. My goodness,...

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The Vale Islanders

January 2020 was when we held Christmas Party (saves the December rush) held at our favourite country pub The Fox in Denchworth. Little did we know that we were but a few weeks away from the oncoming plague. So I thought I'd a pen a short post on the side. Annie...

Vale Islanders