Christmas 2008

Dear Friends,

We are now approaching our 10th anniversary as The Hill Tribe.  Hard to believe I know – but just look at the children !   Only Anna Jane is still at school.  Robert, Gordon and Jamie are all working full time.  Rob as a builder’s labourer and Gordon and Jamie in different IT companies.  Vicki is still at Reading University doing Art.

Joe has been in Kathmandu since June.  He is coming home for Christmas, but is then going back for another 6 months.  I went to Nepal in October to visit him.  I had a wonderful holiday.  Joe and I went trekking round Anapurna for 7 days.  It was hard going at times, but fascinating.  I have some great photos to show for it.

Howard and I are still very happy in our church, and also very happy in the Oxfordshire folk scene.  The photo on the front of our Christmas card is of Howard and I in our ‘Vale Islander’s’ C17th costume.  We have lots of fun with this group.

We were sad that more of our good friends died this year.  At the end of August our lovely little cat Alfred suddenly disappeared.  We got another cat this week – a young lady we have named Jemima.

Howard’s mum (aged 89), and my mum (aged 82) are still doing well.

We hope you are keeping well and happy.  We look forward to your letters, cards and emails.  If you have time, please have a look at our family website   By Christmas Howard should have written a more interesting and humorous letter to put on there.  You can also see lots of photos of us all, including the ones I took in Nepal.

Annie and Howard