Christmas 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

We have seen quite a lot of friends and family this year, but If we haven’t seen you, we hope we will very soon. Life in The Hill Tribe is changing shape.  Three more of our children ‘moved out’, and we now have just Anna Jane still living at home.  We are planning to travel more, and visit more.

In February we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, and it has been a great year for ‘Big Birthdays’:  Rob was 18, Vicki and Joe were 21, Howard’s mum was 90 and Annie is soon to be 50!

We now have 2 lodgers at our house and Annie can afford to be a ‘housewife’ once again.  Sadly the allotment has been neglected for most of this year, but Annie is planning to put that right soon.  Time for lots of manure and digging!

We still love Jesus and our church.  Life got even more exciting recently now we have become ‘Street Pastors’.  We really look forward to the Friday nights we spend on the streets of Wantage (from 10pm until 3am) caring for folk.

Please have a look at our website and read Howard’s epistle for 2009.  It won’t be the same as this.  We are looking forward to hearing your news, and hope to see you in the New Year.  Happy Christmas!

Love, Annie and Howard xxx