Christmas 2011

This year has been very eventful for Howard and I.  For me, the first four months were largely taken up with caring for my mother.  Sadly she died at the end of April and I really miss her.  Then as well as sorting out my mum’s estate, I was organising Joe and Charlotte’s wedding!  The wedding was on 16 July, and it went beautifully!  Joe and Charlotte are now living in Cambridge, Joe is doing a Phd in Linguistics, Charlotte has a job as a teacher.

Shortly after the wedding my best friend from church told us that she was going out with  Dave, my ex-husband!  They met at the wedding and got on really well.  Thankfully for all of us, God had already prepared me for this turn of events, and we are all still friends.

Howard is still enjoying his folk music, and has just bought an antique concertina, to add to his vast collection of instruments.  We still have lodgers.  I am still a Street Pastor.  Our kids are still doing well.  Church is still our lifeline.  Jesus is our rock.  And we are still very glad to be alive.

We would like to wish you all a really lovely Christmas, and a very happy 2012.