Christmas 2014

Big Happenings for the Hill Tribe!

This year Vicki and Stephen got married. Howard had his 60th birthday. And now we are (or rather Vicki is) expecting our first grandchild in June 2015!

Howard is having lots of fun with his music. He is still in 8 different bands and loving it!

Jamie is now a policeman. He is working for Thames Valley Police, mostly in Buckinghamshire. He is living in a flat in Beaconsfield.  He is still as handsome as ever, and still single!

Joe and Charlotte are still living in Cambridge.  Joe is finishing off his PhD and supervising Linguistics undergraduates, Charlotte is teaching History in a comprehensive school in the city centre.  Charlotte is also  a Labour Councillor for Cambridge City!  Vicki and Stephen live in Mortimer near Reading.  They are very happy to be married, and are looking forward to being parents too.

Gordon is doing really well in his job near Burford  His girlfriend Libby has finished her job in Dentistry and they are now living in a lovely converted barn in the Cotswolds.

Robert finished his apprenticeship in Bricklaying.  Since then he has moved jobs several times, and is now self-employed and learning a lot.  He is still living with his girlfriend Summer, and her parents in Devizes, Wiltshire.

In June, Anna Jane finished her degree in Animal Welfare and  Behaviour, passed her driving test and moved to Snettisham in Norfolk – all in one week!  She is living with her boyfriend  Oliver (a keen birdwatcher and photographer), and she is working as a carer for old people living in their own homes.

I am still busy with renting out rooms to four lodgers, the allotment, garden, wine making and various crafts.  I have  had some lovely walking weekends away this year and I am  keeping fit with lots of dancing.  I am still a Street Pastor and doing some pastoral work with our Church.  Learning more all the time!

Just when we thought we were getting too old for such stuff, Howard and I have re-discovered the joys of camping!  There is life in us yet!

Love and best wishes for 2015 to all our family and friends.