It is the 1st of December 2019. My phone rang and it was Gordon “Dad I’ve been in a car accident”. I could hear that Gordon was sedated and in a state of shock as he spoke. I remember panic rising in me and my heart starting to pound as the adrenalin kicked in. I listened to him (and the duty nurse) and discovered he and Libby had been in the most horrendous collision with a van (120mph impact speed) and he was speaking from a hospital in Bristol. Two Helicopters had been called out. Both he and Libby had very serious injuries. They were lucky to be alive.

Annie and I got in our car and made our way to the M4 without delay. As we sped west down the motorway I realised that we’d left in such a rush I didn’t actually know where in Bristol we were going. Annie got on the phone, rang round and found the exact location.

We arrived at the A&E Dept in Southmead Hospital and saw Gordon lying in bed. Libby’s family were already there and Gordon was bandaged and connected to various tubes and monitors. Gordon bravely grinned and said “Hi”. Much confusion and medical activity went on, then Libby appeared (also on a hospital bed). After some chat, Gordon was transported to ┬áhave his leg x-rayed, then returned to us, then went off agin to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Annie and I went with him. Gordon was transferred to a special bed and room in ICU and we were asked to wait in a side room. I broke down in tears. The pain of seeing my son in such life-threatening danger was far too much for me.

Annie and I visited Gordon and Libby every other day. The extent of their injuries was utterly shocking. Gordon had a deep laceration near his knee but more seriously, his insides has been torn away from their normal anchor points. Libby had sustained spinal injuries. The visits were heart-wrenchingly difficult – I really struggled seeing Gordon this way. I did not know what the future would hold.