Dizzy March 2021

I awoke on Thursday 25th March 2021 feeling very poorly. The room was spinning, my vision was blurred and I was seeing double. I thought nothing of it. Just a one-off.

The next morning the same thing happened. So Annie rang 111 and after answering many questions, a medical team was sent out. Not an emergency, but they though it best to check. My age – groan! They arrived within half an hour and measured everything. Not only did they declare me alive, but that all seemed well. However, as is routine, they had called a nurse and she arrived half an hour later. Her tests checked out fine too. However, best to be cautious (at my age it could be a mini stoke) and so Annie drove me to the John Radcliffe Hospital and because of the poor parking, dropped me off and went home.

I spend most of the day in the waiting room. I had a cannula fitted, then a while later later I was examined and questioned, and then another while later I was sent off for a CT Scan. Oh dear, this showed something unexpected (“fancy that – Howard’s got a brain“). Looked like a tumour.

I was asked to return the next day for an MRI scan (produced a more detailed image). I had been there for 9 hours, but all in all they were great and I felt in safe hands.