Folk Weekend Oxford (FWO) April 2021

This weekend was Folk Weekend Oxford 2021 (the event previously know as the Oxford Folk Festival). The whole shebang was put together virtually, using Zoom, YouTube and Facebook. What a mammoth task, but thankfully, no mammoths were hurt during the weekend. Well, hardly any.

My contribution was to put together a video of Rose Hips (belly dancers and band), and a video of Cornucopia (dancers and band).

The Rose Hips video was stitched together from individual smartphone videos of musicians and dancers. The second video was filmed with my 4k mirrorless cameras, but with the dancers in one back garden and the band in the neighbouring garden. Both videos were technically challenging to sync and mix, but, well, y’know me, always up for a challenge and a bodge job.

I love this screenshot. It features Justin’s fiddle face as he pays a hard bit, with me chuckling as I play along to Justin on my laptop while watch his face.


Rose Hips Folk Weekend Oxford

Rose Hips Folk Weekend Oxford