Hong Kong

After a 12 hour non-stop flight, we arrived in Hong Kong and were met by Joe, Charlotte and Teddy. After a short ferry crossing we landed at Lamma Island where they live. We stayed in a small hotel overlooking the harbour, and had great fun watching the birds, fishermen, people and boats. We found the Hong Kong climate a bit of a challenge (very warm and humid), and the mosquitos even more so. For the next 2 weeks we enjoyed a fascinating holiday exploring Lamma and the Hong Kong mainland.

We were amused by the extremely high percentage of people who both wore face masks (as if that would help) and had their heads stuck into their phones. Even more odd was the number of folk who videoed themselves as they walked. Of special interest was our trip to Macau (the gambling capital of the world) where we witnessed extremes of wealth and poverty. 

The funniest episode was when we blagged our way to the very top of the university building roof (very high up) only to find that the door we came through was self-locking, and we were stuck. After much searching we found a second stairway on the outside of the building (yikes!) and after wandering around and trying several more locked doors, we found some workmen, and sneaked back in.

All in all, a fascinating journey and a brilliant holiday.