Howard and family

All ready for school 1996

All ready for school 1996

Jamie’s 13th birthday November 1998
We had a fantastic trip to the ski slope at Milton Keynes (I think) and friends invited round for a birthday tea.

Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall May 1998
The five of us stayed in a holiday chalet (Trewince Holiday Lodges) on the Roseland Peninsula. We met up with the Grays and the Horswells for a picnic. We went to Portscatho Beach and Portcurnick Beach to explore. We also visited St Mawes Castle and then drove to Falmouth to visit Pendennis Castle.

Forest of Dean camping trip May 1997
A group of us from Wantage Community Church went on a camping trip to The Forest of Dean. It was a weekend of adventure; making fires, bows and arrows and a trip to Puzzle Wood.

Jamie’s 11th birthday November 1996

Whitley Bay August 1996
Another lovely summer holiday with Gran and Grandad in Whitley Bay. We spent most of the time going to the beach. We went to Whitley Bay ice rink too.

Days of Destiny August 1996
This was my most difficult time to manage as a single parent. Having to manage family camping (clothing, cooking and feeding) for all 5 of us, then get us all to and from different activity groups twice a day on the campsite was a nightmare. I hated it.

Blue Anchor Bay June 1996
We went on holiday to Blue anchor Bay and stayed in a static caravan. A steam train ran right by where we were and I got a lovely photo of Jamie, Vicki, Gordon and Rob waving to the driver. We had a day trip to Butlins, one to Dunster Castle and another to Cleve Abbey. I remember how happy I was to have my children around me during what would have been Lesley’s 36th birthday.

Robert’s 5th birthday May 1996
Sally Harding kindly made a birthday cake for Robert. Full of gold bars by the look of it.

Whitley Bay February 1996
Our first trip to Whitley Bay as a single parent family. A great time to visit though and we had lots of fun on the promenade watching the stormy seas. The children spent quality time with their Grandad in his workshop.

Christmas at home December 1995
This was our first Christmas without Lesley, and boy, was it difficult. I spent many hundreds of pounds buying gifts of every description for my children in Toys-R-Us trying to compensate for our loss. Charlie and family visited and we had a great time; that was so welcome. Then on Boxing Day, poor little Gordon slipped off his skateboard (a present from my late school friend, Andy Brown) and broke his leg. I remember rushing out to rescue him, carry him inside and lay him on our kitchen table. He was in agony. I called for an ambulance and we got sorted, but it was such a trauma for everyone. I was at my limit.

Trip to Liverpool October 1995
Stuart and Diane kindly gave us a well-needed holiday. The trip to Birkenhead to see HMS Onyx submarine was great fun.

Mount Snowdon October 1995
Clive Harding (church pastor) invited me on an adventure weekend to walk to the top of Mount Snowdon. It was quite an experience. Much more effort than I had made in years, but well worth it. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness as I reached the top. I wanted to tell my darling Lesley of my achievement. I rang me Mam instead.

Wantage Cemetery August 1995
Photos taken a few days after Lesley’s funeral. Gran, Grandad, Stuart, Diane and Charlie

Gran and Grandad visit Wantage August 1995
Dear Lesley died 16th August 1995 so Gran and Grandad (Irene and Frank) came down from Whitley Bay to help run the Wantage household. Sad and difficult times for us all.