Howard and Lesley

Howard and Lesley, Lake District 1981

Howard and Lesley, Lake District 1981

Before we were married 1978 to 1980

Our first house 1980 – 1981

Lesley’s 21st birthday May 1981

Kenya October 1983
This was our holiday of a lifetime. I had a business trip to Zambia, and my work grade meant that I travelled business class. I had a word with the travel agent and was able to reduce my travel from business class to cattle class, pay a bit extra (only a few hundred pounds) and end up with a work trip, plus a 2 week holiday for two to Kenya. Get in! So after my work in Zambia, I flew up to Nairobi in Kenya to meet Lesley who had travelled from Heathrow that day. We got on to the overnight train and travelled cross country to Mombassa on the East coast of Africa. That was a train ride to remember. We woke up early morning on the train, opened our cabin window and were greeted by the hot African sun and giraffes in the plains in the distance. Wow!! And we spent the most wonderful time relaxing in The Shelly Beach Hotel (as recommended to me by my dear friend Richard Lemmey). Our apartment was right on the beach and we went on quite a few day trips, such as on an Arab Dhow, a snake farm and a glass bottomed boat. Take a look at our photos.

Cornwall and Scilly Isles August 1985