Howard, Annie and family

The Hilltribe in Wantage August 2017

The Hilltribe in Wantage August 2017

Gordon’s 30th birthday February 2020
Big family celebration at the Upton Smokery. All you can eat too. We had a wonderful time.

Harry and Reuben 1st birthday May 2019
The family met on a lovely sunny May day in Wantage to celebrate these two fine young fellows.

Gordon and Stephen’s birthday March 2019

Low Todrigg, Lake District October 2018
We spent 2 weeks in The Lakes October to November 2018. During first week, we shared it with Vicki, Stephen, Florence and Harry, and then Jamie and Kat came over for a couple of nights, on their way to Scotland. During the second week, Rob, Summer and Reuben stayed in The Cottage, while AJ and George stayed in The Old Stable.

Introducing Harry McNelly May 2018

Introducing Reuben Hill May 2018

Low Todrigg, Lake District March 2018
We spent a most enjoyable week at Low Todrigg (as we always do) and were joined there by Jamie and Kat, who were en route to Scotland. And that’s where Jamie proposed to Kat. Brilliant!!

Castleton December 2017
During their trip to England in 2017, Joe and Charlotte hired a cottage in the Peak District. So after Christmas, Annie and I, and AJ and George went to visit and stayed overnight. We met up with Tony, Pat and Kath for lunch. It was especially nice to see young Ted. And did I mention the pub served outstanding draught Plum Porter? It did.

Christmas Day in Wantage December 2017
This was a big family celebration, as it was a full house, apart from Joe, Charlotte and Teddy.

Florence’s 1st birthday July 2017

Rob and Howard’s visit to Crofton Beam Engines June 2017
A lad and Dad day out. With lunch of course. This was a really interesting place to visit. The station was built in 1807 to supply water to the highest point of the Kennet & Avon Canal which links London and Bristol. It is a rare survivor of the technology which enabled British engineers to drain mines and supply towns and cities with water throughout the world

Vicki’s 29th birthday June 2017

Hong Kong May 2017

A local gentleman

After a 12 hour non-stop flight, we arrived in Hong Kong and were met by Joe, Charlotte and Teddy. After a short ferry crossing we landed at Lamma Island where they live. We stayed in a small hotel overlooking the harbour, and had great fun watching the birds, fishermen, people and boats. We found the Hong Kong climate a bit of a challenge (very warm and humid), and the mosquitos even more so.

For the next 2 weeks we enjoyed a fascinating holiday exploring Lamma and the Hong Kong mainland. We were amused by the extremely high percentage of people who both wore face masks and had their heads stuck into their phones. That could never happen here (ahem!!). Even more odd was the number of folk who videoed themselves as they walked.

Of special interest was our trip to Macau (the gambling capital of the world) where we witnessed extremes of wealth and poverty. The funniest episode was when we blagged our way to the very top of the university building roof (very high up) only to find that the door we came through was self-locking, and we were stuck. After much searching we found a second stairway on the outside of the building (yikes!) and after wandering around and trying several more locked doors, we found some workmen, and sneaked back in.

All in all, a fascinating journey and a brilliant holiday.

Florence May 2017

Hampton Court April 2017
Rob came up with a brilliant idea that the whole family should visit Hampton Court, and I said to him – yes, why not. So we sorted ourselves out and had one of the best family day trips.

Torquay August 2015
My dear Mum left a small amount of money and I chose to spend it on a mega holiday for my family. I hired a very big country house and garden in Torquay. I think fishing was the main pastime.

Wales August 2011
We hired a large house in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire and a had a wonderful weeks holiday together. Amongst other things, we played music in the garden, went to the beach at Burry Port and then did some pretty serious surfing at Caswell Bay. Jamie mastered those six inch breakers in no time.

Boys in Port Isaac November 2009
One of my better ideas was to arrange for Jamie, Gordon and Rob to go on holiday to my friend’s cottage in Port Isaac. Looks like they had a great time, along with their friend Steve. Thank you so much Gillie Tracey!

Gordon and Howard’s photo walk December 2006
Gordon wanted to find out a bit more about photography, so we took a Dad and Lad trip across the downs and shot some landscapes and visited Brightwalton church.

Benderloch, Scotland July 2006
This was one of our mega-holidays, when all 8 of us went away. We stopped in Whitley Bay, there and back, and had the most excellent holiday in bonny Scotland. Jamie, Vicki, Gordon, Rob and AJ spent much of their time fishing in the sea loch. Joe read his books. We took a boat out to the island of Iona (near Mull) and another boat trip to Fingles Cave. Jamie, Joe and Rob went on a hike together. On our way back to Whitley Bay we stopped in Glencoe for our picnic.

Grove Rugby Club January 2005
Gordon and Rob both had a short spell playing for Grove Rugby Club. Gordon’s team usually won and Rob’s team usually lost. I really enjoyed watching the boys and taking these photos.Gordon and Rob both had a short spell playing for Grove Rugby Club. Gordon’s team usually won and Rob’s team usually lost. I really enjoyed watching the boys and taking these photos.

Robert’s 13th birthday May 2004
Rob invited his friend’s around and we had present opening in the garden, then a birthday tea. Rob was very happy to receive his very own tube of Pringles.

Whitley Bay April 2003

Whitley Bay beach

Whitley Bay beach

I drove Annie, Vicki, Gordon and Rob up to Whitley Bay to visit my beloved Mum, Dad and Whitley Bay once more.

My Dad came down from Rosemount Care Home on the Nexus bus. He was starting to look old and quite infirm, yet Mum was her cheerful and energetic self during our whole visit. She’s amazing. We went for a walk and on the seafront we bumped into Carol Rhodes and she invited us back to her house in Hastings Avenue for a cup of tea and a chat.

On the Monday Annie and I walked on the beach into Whitley Bay and I took lots of photos. Once in Whitley, I showed her my old primary schools; Park Infants and Park Junior in Coquet Avenue. I’m so glad I visited and took photos as the buildings were demolished the following year. On Tuesday we all walked to St Mary’s Island and I took more photographs. My cousin Averil called round to see us. Wednesday we visited Christine Burn and on Thursday we returned home to Wantage. It was a short trip * up north, but we had such a wonderful time.

The camera I was using was a Nikon E5700 bridge digital camera. I never got on with bridge cameras all that well, but I still managed to capture some pretty good shots.

* I have yet to figure out why southerners say and write “up North” as “oop North”. I have never heard anyone use that pronunciation, apart from southerners.

Gordon’s 13th birthday February 2003
Gordon, Rob and I spent a weekend in a hired caravan at Standlake for Gordon’s 13th birthday.

AJ’s 10th birthday August 2002

Whitley Bay May 2002
Gordon, Rob and I took a “Dad and Lads” trip to see my Mum and Dad in Whitley Bay. We spent a nice time with my cousin Averil too.

Gordon’s 12th birthday February 2002
Gordon invited his friend’s round to the house for his birthday party, opening presents and cake!

Victoria’s 13th birthday June 2001
Much fun was had investigating tadpoles in our pond, then enjoying a messy chocolate fondue.

La Placial, France June 2001
Our second holiday in La Placial was even better than the first. Absolutely wonderful. From there we travelled to a cottage belonging to Christian and Helen Noll. Our friends were so very kind to us as we managed our new large family.

Bude April 2001
We hired two static caravans. One just for Jamie, Gordon and Rob (aka the Wild Bunch) and one for the rest of us. We visited Tintagel, one of the legendary sites of Camelot.

Days of Destiny August 1999
This is our group of churches’ annual jamboree with singing, dancing, fellowship, Christian teaching and all sorts of good stuff. AJ got a Furby for her birthday (from me), but the highlight was swimming in the river. Brrrrr.

La Placial June 1999
Our good friends Dick and Kirsty Squires let us use their lovely country house and barn in France for a week’s holiday. We had use of the large house, sleeping 6 plus the barn, sleeping 4, so plenty of room for us all. We also had our own swimming pool! Tres bon. The long trip to the Dordogne was quite a challenge, but it was so worth it.