Howard, Lesley and the children

1995-04 Scotland holiday

We decided to go to Scotland for our main 1995 holiday. Partly because Lesley and I loved Scotland so much, but importantly, she wanted to meet her sister Joyce and their family – being adopted, Lesley hadn’t met them before.

We saw Joyce, her husband Robert, their daughter Nicola and some other family members in Bannockburn, Stirling, and what a lovely family they were. We were welcomed with open arms and had a braw time.

1995-04 Whitley Bay

Easter with Gran and Grandad in Whitley Bay.

1995-05 Rob’s 4th birthday

Happy Birthday Robert! It was nice to see Uncle Chris and to share the Mr Blobby birthday cake.

1995-05 VE Day celebrations in Wantage

Charlie came over and we enjoyed the celebrations in Wantage Marketplace. Candy floss too!

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