Howard, Lesley and the children

1991 Thorpe Park

We had a great day with Uncle Charlie.

1991-02 Gordon’s 1st birthday

Happy Birthday Gordon!

1991-04 Apple Tree Cottage, Westward Ho

We had an amazing holiday by the coast in north Devon. Jamie was very brave stroking the resident goat, but his favourite was Watermouth Castle. We also visited The Gnome Reserve, the Cobbaton Combat Collection and the Cliff Railway in Lynmouth.

Our child minder Nicol came along to help look after the children.

1991-05 Robert’s birth

Robert was born in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

1991-07 Children at home in Wantage

One of my very favourite photo albums. This perfectly captures the fun we had as a family.

1991-08 Whitley Bay

Fun on the beach, in the Leisure Pool and The Spanish City

1991-12 Christmas

Our first Christmas with all four children; Jamie, Victoria, Gordon and Robert

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