Howard, Lesley and the children

1993 Abbey Gardens, Abingdon

Fun on the swings in Abingdon.

1993 Cubs with Jamie

On parade. Jamie’s cub leader was called Foggy because he had a voice like a fog horn. They called Jamie “Billy Whizz” because he could outrun everyone.

1993-02 Gordon’s 3rd birthday

Happy Birthday Gordon! We dressed up as pirates that day.

1993-05 Rare Breeds Farm

A fun trip to see the animals.

1993-05 Robert’s 2nd birthday

Happy Birthday Robert!

1993-06 Victoria’s 5th birthday

Happy Birthday Victoria! Lesley made an amazing cake using a Barbie doll.

1993-07 Gordon and Robert playing in the garden

The boys had lots of fun playing in cardboard boxes.

1993-08 Camping in Northumberland

This was a very special holiday for the six of us.

1993-08 Whitley Bay beach

Fun playing in the sand followed by bath time.

1993-10 Halloween in Marlow

We had fun in the park with Chris and Trish in Marlow.

1993-11 At home in Wantage

Gordon sleeping on our wooden throne (bought by Howard in a car boot sale). The children listen to Snap, Crackle and Pop!

1993-12 Christmas

Jamie, Victoria, Gordon and Robert celebrated in full voice. Happy Christmas everyone!

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