Live Music during 2020

So, no more live music for Howard in 2020? Well, no. Using the well known “let’s do this” algorithm, I managed to play loads of times this year. I almost always played outside where it is breezy and therefore, very safe.

May 2020 VE Day I busked in our street, singing jolly WW2 songs and playing my ukulele. quite a few neighbours appeared to find out what the racket was all about, but thank goodness, they all joined in with the singing. They even applauded once I’d finished. Well they would, wouldn’t they.

June 2020 Busking I played outside in Wantage Mobility Group. My good friend Dave White joined me and we had great fun and raised a little money for the group.

July 2020 Troubshort and Turnipseed I busked in Abingdon and Didcot with Troubshort and Turnipseed raising money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.