Olden Days

Stuart Frank Laurene in Scotland c1951

Stuart Frank Laurene in Scotland c1951

Young Howard 1954 – 1959
Holidays https://adobe.ly/318yWlG
Whitley Bay https://adobe.ly/2MBP0qN
Here are some photos of that happy and glorious time after was born (lucky them, I say!) but before the 1960s.

Before Howard 1949 – 1954
Here are photos of the family after our Mum (Irene Brown) married my Dad, Frank Hill, but before I arrived on the scene. I have no idea how they managed without me.

Irene’s Precious Negatives 1940s
I found these in a box marked “Irene’s Precious Negatives”.

Irene Brown 1919 – 1949
And photo of my Mum, Irene Hill (nee Brown) before she met and married my Dad, Frank Hill. Photos of her family are there too, such as her mother (Nana Brown) and her brothers Basil and Denis Brown.

Frank Hill 1917 – 1949
Here are the few photos of my Dad, Frank Hill, before he met and married my Mum, Irene Brown. Photos of his family are there too, such as his mother (Nana Hill) and brothers John and Bill, and their sister Lily.