Howard’s Photo Gallery

All of my photo albums in one long gallery. Each album in the gallery has a little background text too.

Lake District Big Family Holiday (October 2018)

We spent 2 weeks in The Lakes October to November 2018.

During first week, we shared it with Vicki, Stephen, Florence and Harry, and then Jamie and Kat came over for a couple of nights, on their way to Scotland.

During the second week, Rob, Summer and Reuben stayed in The Cottage, while AJ and George stayed in The Old Stable.

Gordon and Libby’s Wedding (August 2018)

And what a day that was!

We started procedings on the Friday with a meal and drinks in The Crown in Devizes. Very nice it was too.

Then on Saturday, Annie picked up Jamie (his B&B was near ours in Shrewton) and dropped us off outside the Bear in Devizes. We met Gordon, Rob joined us and the four of us ate a hearty breakfast. Then we got changed (see The Bear photo album) and took a taxi to St Mary’s Church in Potterne. The boys busied themselves with various preparations, such as lighting the candles while I took some photos.

The wedding was fantastic (despite the inaudible PA system) and made especially good by the beautiful warm sunny weather. Then we all headed off to the reception. That was amazing too. The trio of classical musicians were there and we enjoyed a relaxed afternoon of food, drink and great company. In the evening we were treated to more live music (The Somebodies) – a really good, loud, rock/pop covers band.

On Sunday we made our way to Libby’s folk beautiful house and enjoyed lunch and chatting. Then home. What a great weekend.

Castleton (December 2017)

Castleton Photos

During their trip to England in 2017, Joe and Charlotte hired a cottage in the Peak District. So after Christmas, Annie and I, and AJ and George went to visit and stayed overnight.

We met up with Tony, Pat and Kath for lunch. It was especially nice to see young Ted. And did I mention the pub served outstanding draught Plum Porter? It did.

Hong Kong (May 2017)

In May we flew to Hong Kong and had a lovely holiday with Joe and Charlotte and baby Ted near their house in Lamma Island. We stayed in a small hotel overlooking the harbour, and had great fun watching the birds, fishermen, people and boats.

We found the Hong Kong climate a bit of a challenge (very warm and humid), and the mosquitos even more so!

The funniest episode was when we blagged our way to the very top of the university building roof (very high up) only to find that the door we came through was self-locking, and we were stuck. After much searching we found a second stairway on the outside of the building (yikes!) and after wandering around and trying several more locked doors, we found some workmen, and sneaked back in.

Hampton Court (April 2017)

Hampton Court Photos

Rob came up with a brilliant idea that the whole family should visit Hampton Court, and I said to him – yes, why not. So we sorted ourselves out and had one of the best day trips ever.

Port Isaac (November 2009)

Port Isaac 2009

One of my better ideas was to arrange for Jamie, Gordon and Rob to go on holiday to my friend’s cottage in Port Isaac. Looks like they had a great time, along with their friend Steve. Thank you so much Gillie Tracey!

Blue Anchor Bay (June 1996)

Blue Anchor Bay

We went on holiday to Blue anchor Bay and stayed in a static caravan. A steam train ran right by where we were and I got a lovely photo of Jamie, Vicki, Gordon and Rob waving to the driver. We had a day trip to Butlins, one to Dunster Castle and another to Cleve Abbey. I remember how happy I was to have my children around me during what would have been Lesley’s 36th birthday.

Kenya (October 1983)

Kenya Photos

This was our holiday of a lifetime.

I had a business trip to Zambia, and my work grade meant that I travelled business class. I had a word with the travel agent and was able to reduce my travel from business class to cattle class, pay a bit extra (only a few hundred pounds) and end up with a work trip, plus a 2 week holiday for two to Kenya. Get in!

So after my work in Zambia, I flew up to Nairobi in Kenya to meet Lesley who had travelled from Heathrow that day. We got on to the overnight train and travelled cross country to Mombassa on the East coast of Africa. That was a train ride to remember. We woke up early morning on the train, opened our cabin window and were greeted by the hot African sun and giraffes in the plains in the distance. Wow!!

And we spent the most wonderful time relaxing in The Shelly Beach Hotel (as recommended to me by my dear friend Richard Lemmey). Our apartment was right on the beach and we went on quite a few day trips, such as on an Arab Dhow, a snake farm and a glass bottomed boat. Take a look at our photos.

Family Before Howard (1949 to 1954)


Here are photos of the family after our Mum (Irene Brown) married my Dad, Frank Hill, but before I arrived on the scene. I have no idea how they managed without me.

Frank Hill and Irene Brown (1917 to 1949)

Here are the few photos of my Dad, Frank Hill, before he met and married my Mum, Irene Brown. Photos of his family are there too, such as his mother (Nana Hill) and brothers John and Bill, and their sister Lily.

And photo of my Mum, Irene Hill (nee Brown) before she met and married my Dad, Frank Hill. Photos of her family are there too, such as her mother (Nana Brown) and her brothers Basil and Denis Brown.