Tumour Rumour April 2021

Today was a big day. Annie and I went to see consultant neurologist Miss Stana Bojanic to discuss my brain scan results. The good news is that tumour is not malignant, but rather a slow-growing meningioma. She showed us the scans, what different bits showed and the two options for treatment.

Firstly, it can be left alone and scanned every 6 months. The trouble with this is that it will almost certainly grow and that wll cause big trouble. I really don’t want to have to undergo surgery when much older. Risks become far too high. Also, the larger the tumour the more difficult the removal is.

Secondly, I can elect for surgery. This is what I said I’d prefer and Miss Bojanic implied this is likely the best choice for me. She said I could probably be seen in July and went through all the grisly things that could go wrong. Very thorough I’m sure. Her bedside manner did not include encouraging or comforting words. I think that would be good to include as the very thought of having your skull opened up is very scary.

Afterwards we found Badley Woods and had a picnic lunch and a short walk. The woods are nice but suffer from A34 traffic noise. However, we had a lovely time. We always do when walking.

So naturally I spent the following day looking at photos of people’s heads with bits of skull removed, showing their brains. I felt nervous and fed up and needed a hug.


Badley Wood

Badley Wood