Walking with Charlie and James

I enjoyed a grand walk on the Ridgeway with Charlie and James. Chris was meant to come too, but after confirming, he later found out he hadn’t checked his diary properly and could no longer come. We started our walk at Scutchamer Knob, walked South to the road, where we turned West, then after a short while, headed north to climb up to The Ridgeway once more. Once there, we were able to head East and get back to our car. It was a short walk by most standards, but for me, 13,000 steps was a heck of long stretch. My legs ached for 2 days afterwards.

Lunch was at The King Alfred’s Head in Wantage. We sat outside under a canopy as the rain had started to drizzle. Thankfully the air was warm so sitting outside was rather nice. The food was excellent and it was so nice to be at a pub after such a long absence.