When the music stopped March 26 2020

Vale Islanders. Sadly, no gigs with this dance group took place. The Vale Islanders got together a few times in a paddock to try and work out some socially distanced versions of dances (to give that authentic Black Plague vibe) but it turned out to be a bit too tricky. You can socially distance, but then the number of steps to reach a certain point in the dance sequence is thrown out. It was nice to meet up and try it out anyway.

Pandemonium. I was the only member of the band willing to play outside, so we’ve had no music, either live or videoed during 2020. Shame. Not just for us, but for the community groups that we love to support. So no gigs or practices.

Hendred Ukulele Group, Great supporters of community groups, but who have not been able to play any gigs. We managed some socially distanced practiced sessions, but in the main it was good old Zoom that kept us going. Music this way is really awkward, but we all did out best and it was really good seeing everyone on a weekly basis.


HUG Zoom


Cornucopia. No live gigs this year, but we’re hopeful for 2021. Practicing has continued on and off using Zoom.

Rose Hips Belly Dancers. Again, no live gigs or practices.

Ray Collins Charitable Trust. I was the recipient of a “Thank you for the music” award from the Ray Collins Charitable Trust back in 2019 and I’m very proud of that, but sadly, I’ve not been able to play for Ray Collins’ Charitable Trust (Easter and Christmas) since then.

Street Pastors. I haven’t been able to lead the carol singing around the Wantage pubs with the Street Pastors during December.

Alzheimer’s Society. I have been unable to lead their “Singing for the brain” group. Such a shame as it brought joy to many, including myself, and to my wonderful musician friends Dave Parry and Chris Jone when they joined me.

A good year? Really? I suggest you read my other music during lockdown posts and you’ll see that, despite the music we couldn’t/wouldn’t do, all in all, it’s actually been a really great year for music! For me, anyway.